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Advancements in prosthetic devices have enabled many amputees to lead normal and productive lives.  It is critical to have an educated prosthetist who understands how to utilize this advanced prosthetic componentry.  

With its well educated prosthetic team and firsthand experience with the latest in prosthetic technology, Kinetic Prosthetics provides a unique combination of products and services exclusively for amputees. 



Comprehensive Evaluation

•  We do not just evaluate your limb and provide you a prosthesis.  We make sure your prosthetic design is going to meet your demands by assessing your overall physical condition and establishing short term and long term goals.


Fabrication of cutting edge prostheses

•  Kinetic Prosthetics has a full fabrication laboratory on site, allowing for more custom fabrications, same day adjustments, and quicker turnaround times on new prosthetic devices. 


Follow-up Care

•   Kinetic Prosthetics is dedicated to your success.  Regular follow-up care is critical to ensure your optimal fit is maintained and you can continue your active life.




Contact us to schedule a free assessment to improve your prosthetic comfort and performance! 


Patient Experience

Patient ExperienceWhat to expect when you come in for a visit.


Patient Testimonials

Patient TestimonialsSome experiences our patients have shared.


Socket Technology

Socket TechnologyThe most important part, the interface with your limb.