mary b 



I spent nearly a year in a wheelchair without a prosthesis or a prosthetist that was committed to my well-being.  I met Mark and I was walking up stairs and ramps within weeks.  He spent the time with me to make sure my prosthesis felt good.  If it wasn’t for Mark, I would probably still be in a wheelchair.


-Mary B.

Philadelphia, PA






mike m

I have been an amputee for about 12 years.  I was in a motorcycle accident in 1985.  I developed an infection in my right leg.  In 2001 I decided it was time to have the leg amputated before it got worse.


I first stopped at Kinetic when my wife told me that she met the owner of a new prosthetic practice.  It was time for a new leg, and I was not completely happy with the service I was using.  When I walked in, Mark and Josh made you feel like they knew you. We went to an exam room, and they took a look at the prosthetic that I had.  Mark recommended a different system.  My new leg is a big improvement.  I have more range of motion, and it is more comfortable.  In less than a week, I went from stopping in to check the place out, to walking out with a new leg.


The leg I had when I walked in was about 4 years old, and worn out.  The biggest problem was that the suspension system was delicate.  If I got on my knees to do work, it would put a hole in the sleeve, and it would no longer seal.  I also had to be careful putting the liner on, or it would split.  Mark interviewed me, and I told him my concerns, and I told him how I worked and what I liked to do.  Mark showed me what he thought would be a good system for me.  We went with the Ossur Iceross Seal-In® V liner and socket.  It gives me the benefit of a suction suspension system, without the delicate suspension sleeve.


I like the fact that prosthetics is Kinetic's only business.  Mark and Josh take the time to make sure you have a proper fit.  They use follow up visits to make sure it continues to fit, and make adjustments as needed.  This is hands down the best care and service I have ever had from a prosthetic practice!

- Mike M.

West Chester, PA

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