The Process of Getting a Prosthesis

Getting a new prosthesis, especially if you’re a new amputee, can be intimidating.

That’s why we are here for you every step of the way!

Evaluation: We want to hear what makes you, you and welcome you to the Kinetic Family! We work as a team to develop a truly custom prosthesis that meets your lifestyle.

Casting: We hand cast all our patients to create an exact impression of your limb. We take this mold of your limb and modify it by hand to create your unique socket. We do everything by hand because we think you’re worth the extra attention to detail.

Test Fitting: Using the modified mold of your limb, we next create your clear diagnostic test sockets. This allows us to examine the fit of the socket on your limb, and make any necessary changes to ensure you are comfortable. As you start walking, we will further adjust the prosthesis to maximize your stability and confidence.

Fabrication: Once the fitting process is complete, we’ll start making your new prosthesis! We use the highest quality materials to ensure that in addition to being thin and light, it’s strong enough to hold up to all of your physical demands.

Delivery: Finally it’s Delivery Day! This is our favorite day as it means you get your freedom back! Everyone learns at a different pace; we pride ourselves on taking the necessary time to educate you on how to control and walk with your new limb.

Follow-up: It is normal for your limb to change, which is why we like to schedule follow-up appointments. We want you always feeling as comfortable as you did on Delivery Day. Plus, we love our patients and enjoy when they come in. 🙂


Kinetic Prosthetics is your perfect fit from our highly personalized care to our customized in-house solutions, all to empower you to lead the lifestyle you want to live. Schedule your free in-person prosthetic consultation and see how we are your perfect fit in every way.