About Us

Your perfect fit for personalized care.

Kinetic Prosthetics has dedicated and highly trained professionals who provide the service and expertise that amputees demand. Our staff is trained with a progressive philosophy and is constantly developing and implementing new techniques and technologies to deliver the perfect fit for you. We have over a decade of experience working exclusively with amputees to restore their quality of life through progressive prosthetic care.

Schedule a free prosthetic consultation and see what sets us apart:

  • Highest level of personal attention with a “family like” environment
  • Focused solely on prosthetics
  • Customized in-house fabrication for optimal results
  • Follow-up care and making an appointment available within 48 hours of your call
  • Our billing department works with Medicare and various other insurances to provide timely and seamless care to all patients

Kinetic Prosthetics also has a full fabrication laboratory on site. Our in-house lab allows for custom fabrications, same day adjustments, and quicker turnaround times on new prosthetic devices. We make custom silicone products and employ today’s technology to scan, develop and 3D print custom prosthetic designs.

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

As an exclusive prosthetic practice, we have extensive experience in enhancing the lives of lower extremity amputees. Whether you have a Hip Disarticulation, Above Knee, Below Knee, or Partial Foot Amputation(s) we are here to get you walking and to help you regain your independence.

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Upper Extremity Prosthetics

We are proud of our reputation in treating patients with upper extremity amputations. Kinetic Prosthetics recognizes that people with upper extremity amputations have unique prosthetic challenges that require precise prosthetic solutions. We invest the time with you to design a tailored prosthesis to maximize functionality and activity for your upper extremity prosthesis.

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We are very sensitive to the needs of children who have lost a limb, and we design prosthetics that helps them physically and emotionally. We strive to get to know each family well and collaborate to do whatever it takes to help each child lead enjoyable and active lives.

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Kinetic Prosthetics is your perfect fit from our highly personalized care to our customized in-house solutions, all to empower you to lead the lifestyle you want to live. Schedule your free in-person prosthetic consultation and see how we are your perfect fit in every way.